Investment Overview

BullChicks™ was established to serve low cost, satisfying meals to the general public — especially striving students with a low budget. Our unique menu, with a variety of different selections, includes specialty wraps, burgers, salads, sandwiches and wings.Whether you’re with a group of friends or grabbing a meal with the family, this promises an excellent experience for each individual customer.

Interested in being a part of our BullChicks family?

By now, you’ve read enough information about BullChicksto get a good idea of our corporate culture and our company foundations. You’ve probably already realized that BullChicks is a sound investment decision. Not only does our business model set us apart from our competition, we offer an easy-to-follow template to success.

We are carefully selecting qualified franchisees to open BullChicks™ locations. We are also offering Master/Regional Development opportunities for those who wish to establish the BullChicks™ name within a selected market, by opening their own locations andseeking out additional franchisees. Join our team as we expand across the country, bringing great food to the masses at affordable prices!

Let’s talk numbers. You must have a minimum cash investment of $75, 000 for a single unit. The franchise fee for a single unit is $39, 000, for each additional unit after, the cost is $35,000. The total investment for a single unit could range from $126, 500 to $244, 500. This figure includes the initial franchisee fee of $39,000 and all additional costs of entry such as the build out, initial marketing expenses and operating capital. For a master unit, the minimum cash investment is $150,000.If you are considering getting a Master Franchise, it costs anywhere from $190, 500-$495, 000 with a pilot franchise. If you are considering the Master Franchise without a pilot franchise it is anywhere from $152, 500 to $390, 500. These figures include the territory fee which grants you the exclusive rights in your given region, and the costs to open and operate a small regional office.

If you are considering master franchising the cost is anywhere from $146, 000 to $385, 000, or a 50/50 split with the corporate office. Financial assistance may be provided through a third party. We provide site selection assistance, lease negotiation assistance, and passive ownership.

If you decide to join the BullChicks family, we won’t just throw you into the water. We are a franchisee-friendly organization, and we do provide training and support for our newest team members.

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