That’s BullChicks!

You’re here because you have probably heard all ofthe great things about BullChicks. However, if you’re new to our brand, here’s a little introduction:

BullChicks was originally founded in Corpus Christi — started by a family dedicated to bringing deliciousness to all who walked through their doors. The idea was to bring uniquely crafted salads, wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and wings to the masses in an affordable, appealing manner.

Our menu options feature something to please just about anyone. There was a reason for this:

  • We wanted great variety
  • We didn’t want to limit the options
  • But we had to lock in an affordable daily price

That, is how the idea for the 20/20/20 combination menu was born. From there, our little idea began spreading like wildfire! BullChicks franchises have grown quite rapidly since, but the core company values remain the same. At all BullChicks locations, we focus on the quality, variety, affordability and spectacular taste of our food, and we have more than a little fun while doing it.

What’s it like?

While our BullChicks franchise family is expanding, we strive to maintain consistency in quality and customer service at all franchise restaurant locations. Our corporate culture encourages personality — and that little something extra. BullChicks locations have a friendly, positive, family-oriented vibe which makes them a great place to work or eat.
Whether customers are coming in to grab a quick bite, or stopping by for dinner with family or friends, the relaxed ambience of BullChicks encourages lounging.

Our restaurants are trendy, but comfortable.They feature exposed brick walls, modern black fixtures and flat screen televisions.We welcome everyone, and expect for our customers to stay and enjoy their meals.    

Become a Part of the Family

If you are reading this and thinking it sounds like a great idea, you’re right! The above ingredients for success make us one of the best and most attractive franchise opportunities available,and those interested in investing in our franchise opportunities will become a part of our family. No previous franchise experience is necessary. We are a supportive, franchise friendly company. If you are passionate about owning your own business, look no further, you may have found the perfect fit at BullChicks.

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