Why BullChicks?

You just might have stumbled upon something great. One of the main reasons BullChicks is currently thriving and recession resistant, is because of the affordability and quality of our food. Our recipe for success is fairly simple: the BullChicks reputation is built on delivering nothing but the best to our customers, and that appeals to everyone.

Here are a few things that set us apart from our competition:

Our Menu Variety

The BullChicks menu was originally created to offer everyone who walked through our doors affordable, great tasting food. It has evolved to surpass anything you’ve ever dreamed. With our unique recipes and our 20/20/20 combination options, not only do we deliver great taste, we have something to satisfy everyone; even the pickiest eaters out there. Whether you’re craving a mouth-watering burger, in the mood for a crunchy salad, or can’t decide between the sandwiches, wraps, or wings, we’ve got it all covered. Not to mention, our sides are pretty delicious—and constantly receive great feedback from delighted customers. BullChicks successfully targets a large market potential because we offer so many different, affordable, high quality options.

Our Food Quality

At all Bull Chicks franchises, we believe that taste is paramount: the food is the hero. That is something that is never compromised, becauseour food speaks for itself. One of the reasons people keep coming back for more BullChicks is because it’s affordable, and unlike anything they’ve ever tasted.

Not only is our food prepared right when you order; we bake our bread fresh daily. We advocate affordability, yet we never sacrifice quality. We strive to maintain consistency in quality at all our locations. Our high quality ingredients and distinctive recipes combine to make the most mouth-watering meals you’ve ever tasted, and that is fact. No BullChicks about it!

Our Philosophy

BullChicks locations are low-key, trendy and provide a contemporary alternative to traditional fast-food choices. Whether lounging with friends or stopping by with family, those who love BullChicks know what makes our locations so attractive; the ambience of theBullChicks franchise locations is directly tied to our company culture. All BullChicks locations are part of the family.

Considering starting your own franchise, but worried about your level of experience? Not only are we are an extremely franchise friendly company, we offer extensive training and sales support. The training program includes classroom instruction and BullChicksUnit Franchise operation training in Corpus Christi at our original company location. 

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